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Probably from the first time I found out about Evangelion, over ten years ago, Nagisa Kaworu fascinated me. I admit most of it was due to his interest in Ikari Shinji, the protagonist, and I was (and still am) a yaoi fangirl. I remember being a bit disappointed with his manga version by Sadamoto Yoshiyuki because it wasn't as "romantic" as the anime version. After rereading it a few times, his selfish and not quite romantic interest in Shinji grew on me, and I loved him. He really got deeper and much less one dimensional like he was in the anime.

As much as I hold the original anime version of Kaworu dear to my heart, I feel like it's so iconic there's not much I can add to it. The manga version by Sadamoto is significantly different and some of the changes offer a new perspective on his character along with all the different versions. I think the manga version of him is probably the most "human" of all the different versions, and I wanted to explore what that really meant, hence this site was born.


This layout was made in Photoshop CS5 using a scan from the manga, downloaded from (the now defunct) Anime Paper. Fonts used are Raleway, Anonymous Pro, Georgia, and Libre Franklin. Textures by Shizoo.

The character Nagisa Kaworu and all his story et cetera belong to Project E and Gainax. Manga art is by Sadamoto Yoshiyuki. This is all just fanmade, no infringement intended. The headings for the three major sections of the tribute are quotes from the English translated version of the manga.

The quote used in the browser page title is by Friedrich Nietzsche. Revision, general feedback, and many thanks and support go to Lethe, Megan, Shinju, and Wendy.

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