Welcome to Adieu, a small shrine and fanlisting to Nagisa Kaworu of Shin Seiki Evangelion. Being one of my all time favorite characters (from one of my all time favorite anime), I really wanted someway to show my love for his character and for all the years I've obsessed over Evangelion in general. Since the original anime series aired from 1995 to 1996, the reaction to his short appearance in the series has far outweighed his objective screen time, and his character has become quite iconic. His manga characterization, on the other hand, has gotten less fanfare and I've always thought it was much more intriguing and (in my opinion) a lot more in depth.

So really, the subject of this shrine isn't simply Nagisa Kaworu, but the Nagisa Kaworu portrayed in the manga by Sadamoto Yoshiyuki. Needless to say, this will be full of spoilers. Most people have heard of the anime, even if they have not seen it. The manga storyline, though, I think is less known. So tread carefully if you have not read up to volume 11 of the manga.

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